About Us

CBEIR brings a new meaning to architectural solutions. With a specialty in warehouse planning, interior design, and residential/ commercial architecture, we help clients visualize their space requirements by providing detailed high end 3D and 2D renders.

Our architectural experience allows us to create practical and unique projects using all the advantages of the construction.

Our Process

  • Initial Meeting
  • Concept Creation
  • Drafting & Details
  • Finalization

Together we’ll figure out your design style and the elements we want to create. This is the initial step to bringing your vision to life!

This is were the concept starts to come to life. After many brain storming sessions and rough sketches, we will come up with the perfect plan tailored to your needs.

We will draft your plans in precise detail using technical drawings. Every part of the draft is documented in order to give you and the construction crew accurate measures.

Our team will provide high quality 3D renders of different angles. We will also create a video walkthrough of the space. This will help the constructor visualize how the space looks in order to build an accurate representation.



We create detailed and defined interior and exterior layouts of 3D models for our clients. This facilitates the planning and construction of the buildings and infrastructure in an easy, cost-effective, and more efficient way. With our clients, we work through the whole design process thoroughly. From schematic drawings to developing and constructing the designs, CBEIR [...]
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Residential / Commercial Architecture

From residential to commercial designs, CBEIR believes in crafting remarkable and functional living/work spaces. Our design approach involves creating optimized spatial experiences that are optimized for functional and comfortable living. The projects created by CBEIR are made to be contemporary and innovative concepts that reflect our client’s identity. Our team pride themselves with being able [...]
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Interior Design

Our dynamic and innovative team creates a diverse array of environments that deliver on every level: Aesthetic, practical, commercial, luxury, contemporary, urban, and much more. We create projects that exceed our client’s expectations. Our projects are designed with a distinctive sense of identity tailored to our client’s requirements and taste. We take into consideration our [...]
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Visual Merchandising / Retail

We improve and map out the aesthetic appeal of any store in order to attract more customers and boost sales. It’s important for the showroom layout to stand out by integrating different elements that direct the customer’s attention to different focal points throughout the store. To make this work, we combine a wide range of [...]
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Warehouse Planning

We plan and propose a proper warehouse layout in order to guarantee an increase in service level and reduce the process time and cost. Our plans add efficiency and quality control to your warehouse while taking into consideration safety and environmental factors. Cbeir helps solve operational warehouse challenges by providing a detailed customized solution tailored [...]
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Landscape Design

We offer landscape design and decoration for a vast array of exterior spaces. Whether it’s residential spaces, gardens, playgrounds, outside kitchen, campuses or parks, our creative team are able to conceptualize and visualize 3D architectural renderings and various technical drawings for our client’s approval.  The most important part of this process is the client meeting. […]

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